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Bigfoot Blitz

The Yeti.  The Sasquatch.  The Skunk Ape.  You are one of these legendary "bigfeet," and you have been living happily in obscurity... until now.

No longer are you content to live an unknown life. It's occurring to you that maybe there's more to life than virtuous isolationism. Like a sycophantic entourage and more money than you could ever use wisely.

But you're not the only one. Other bigfeet have the same idea, and they also want to be the first one to appear on the front page. History will only remember the first bigfoot to "be discovered." The race is on. Who will be first to step out of the forest and into the spotlight?

Bigfoot Blitz was my first game design.  Ultimately I decided that it was mechanically unsound, and stopped developing it.  Most designers I've talked to have had similar experiences.  It was a great starting point, and it taught me lot: be cautious of player downtime,  randomness is your friend and enemy, and the simpler a design, the better (among many others).  This was a fun experiment, and although wasn't successful, I have no regrets.  Truth be told, I still love this theme, and it was fun lampooning celebrity culture.

All the art you see below is pretty rough, befitting a prototype.