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The Lucky Penny Diner

2-4 Players, 20 Minutes

Lucky Penny was an entry into Dice Hate Me Games' 54 card challenge.  As such, it uses only 54 cards, and components that everyone would have around the house, which in this case, is pennies.  You play as the waitstaff in a 24-hour diner, serving orders to customers, and trying to collect the most tips.  What you serve, when, and to whom factor into how well you are rewarded.  Do you serve dessert to a guest that your opponent is waiting on so that they can't serve any more appetizers or entrees, or do you serve it to the boy with the sweet tooth who will reward you with an extra 30 cents?

All the art you see below is pretty rough, befitting a prototype.

Interested in giving it a play? You can download the print-and-play here.  If you do, please leave feedback here. 

Close photograph of cards
Wide photograph of cards
Back of cards