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Ore: the Mining Game

The Industrial Revolution: An era marked by rapid growth and vigorous competition. Factories sprouted up, and railroads linked cities far and wide. Behind this were savvy industrialists who built fortune and fame by mining the earth for precious commodities. In Ore: The Mining Game, you play as competing industrialists, commanding an army of miners to expand your operations and build your wealth and fame. There are many ways to win: you can negotiate and manage multiple contracts, vertically integrate your business with railroads and processing plants, or develop a legacy through charitable endeavors. May the cleverest industrialist win!

I met Joe McClintock and Jason Lyle Steingisser, the designers of Ore, at UnPub, a convention for unpublished tabletop games.  I'm a sucker for worker placement games, and I found Ore to have a lot of interesting gameplay and engine-building opportunities.  I thought it was fantastic, and afterwards we began to talk about giving the components some graphical treatment to make it beautiful and increase comprehension.  The results are below.  If you're interested in the game, be sure to check it out here.